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7 Professional Tips to Buy Penis Extender Online In India

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Men who are not happy with the size of their penis lack confidence. It’s because sometimes they fail to deliver their best during playtime. It’s not only men, but some women are also obsessed with the size of men’s genitals. In fact, some women also nurture a dream of a partner with huge manhood. This is a harsh reality and you cannot ignore it. However, people with a small penis can still do a lot to satisfy their partner in bed. Sex toys like a penis extender can help you to improve self-esteem and make your partner satisfied.

If you are not familiar with such a penis sleeve device, you must take care of some factors before placing an order for the best penis extender online. In this article, we will highlight seven professional tips. You must follow them while buying a penis sleeve online in India.

Research About Penis Extender

Suppose you’re a first-time buyer of a penis sleeve in India. It’s crucial to do some research to bring the best toy home. 

You have to do some research to reach the best e-store selling quality male sex toys like a penis extender online. Check the reputation and ratings of the site you have chosen to deal with.

Size Of Penis Extender 

Once you have chosen a platform to shop for the best penis extender in India or penis sleeve online, it is time to focus on the toy. Size matters a lot. So here, you have to be a little bit careful. The length of the penis extender sleeve should be longer than your penis.

Be careful about the girth.  Higher girth of male sex toys like a penis sleeve in India can make intercourse painful. We suggest you consult with your partner before you choose a size of a penis sleeve in India.  


Safety is the most important factor you need to focus on. Remember, a penis sleeve is something you will use to penetrate your partner. Hence safety is the utmost factor here. 

For this, you need to choose a reputed manufacturer well-known for producing quality products in the industry of male sex toys like a penis extenderIt is better to pick a product that is clinically tested and certified by recognized authorities.


If the penis sleeve you bought online, is not comfortable for you and your partner, there is no point in investing in it. With this in mind, make sure you have an adjustable rod to adjust the pressure of the penis extender sleeve

This will help to achieve your desired goals without feeling any pain or discomfort. You can use siliconmade straps to make the penis sleeve online comfortable. Make sure you have bought the lubricant along with the extender.


Medical-grade silicone is the best material to choose from when buying the best genital extender for improved penetrations. Never get lured by cheap male sex toys. Extenders made of low-quality material can be harmful to you and your partner. 

Prefer a penis extender made of silicon and ensures safe and comfortable sexual intercourse.


If you are planning to buy a penis extender or a penis sleeve in India online, you have to be ready to pay between Rs. 1500-3500. 

This is an average price range of sex toys like a penis sleeve online and as a first-time buyer, you can set your budget around it.

User Manual 

If you have chosen a reputed manufacturer to buy the best sleeve, you’re likely to get a user manual. The manual will help you to apply your the extender effectively. 

Some sellers or e-commerce sites often publish blogs to educate their customers on how they can use the penis extender to get the expected outcome.

As can be seen, these are some of the most important things you need to be careful about when buying a penis extenderFocus on the size, safety, comfort and material when choosing the best penis extender or a penis sleeve in India to make your partner satisfied and lead a happy sexual life.

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